Saturday, December 16, 2006

Time to say goodbye!

Charlee and Adam had their last day at Picnic Point PS on Friday. I'm glad Heidi wasn't their to witness it - the tears would have been flowing more than they already were! Both classes had afternoon farewell parties for the kids. Adam's classmates each stood up and said something nice about him while Charlee's class gave her a resounding "Aussie, Aussie , Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi". Both kids received a white teddy bear signed by their entire class. At the end of the day, Adam gave Mrs. Bowen a big hug that prompted some tears to flow. Charlee's teacher, Mr. Hidson, who's been away the last two weeks tending to his very sick son, came in for a short visit just to say goodbye to Charlee and give her his NSW sports jersey. More tears were flowing as the class gave Charlee and Mr. Hidson a group hug.

School doesn't end at PPPS until next week but they decided to perform their traditional farewell to students so Adam and Charlee could be included (were cutting out early for NZ). All students who will not be returning next year get to walk under an archway of arms set up by the rest of the student body. The long line leads straight into the office where each student gets the honour of turning on the school bell! (Adam's favourite part!).

It was amazing to see how well Charlee and Adam took to Picnic Point PS this year. They made many friends and received a first class education in a caring and nurturing environment. It was really impressive to see the school take the time to say goodbye to their Canadian exchangees - something Charlee and Adam will remember forever!


1 Which nation holds the world records for women's surfing, one-legged skiing, fastest boat speed on water, and 200, 400 and 800 metres swimming?

2 Apart from Sweden, which nation bought, per capita, the greatest number of Abba albums?

3 Which nation has the most poker machines?

4 Which nation, classified as "mega-diverse" in its fauna, has the world's highest percentage of mammals unique to one continent?

5 Which nation used to own Vegemite, Arnott's biscuits and Speedos, but now doesn't?

6 In what country was the world's first call girl service (ie prostitutes ordered by phone) established, in 1891?

7 Among OECD countries, which has "the highest net per capita level of greenhouse gas emissions"?

8 Which nation has the world's highest rate of DVD usage?

9 Which nation gave the world the Ugg boot, the Wiggles, the Splayd, the Paddle Pop, lithium as treatment for bipolar disorder, and Puppetry of the Penis?

10 Which nation did not invent thongs, pavlova, bikinis, or Nutella - but made the best use of them?

11 Which nation has won more Nobel Prizes, per capita, than any other?

12 Apart from Sweden, which nation bought, per capita, the most Phantom comics?

13 Which nation has the longest continuously operating circus (Ashton's, founded in 1852)?

14 Which nation invented Ultrasound testing, the dual flush toilet, prepaid mail, the notepad, controlled crying, freestyle swimming, and Kiwi boot polish?

15 In what nation do 12 per cent of adults say they are "delighted" with their lives, 31 per cent say they are "pleased" and 33 per cent say they are "mostly satisfied"?

Borrowed from the Sydney Morning Herald

Friday, December 15, 2006

MSJ Goodbyes!

Last Friday each house at MSJ got together for a Christmas lunch. After a delicious Thai lunch, the Tenison teachers gave me this Aussie hat made of kangaroo! They were all convinced I could pass as a true Aussie!

Monday MSJ staff attended a final mass in the school chapel before sitting down to "tea" put on by Sister Barbara (MSJ Principal). Sister Barbara also took on the roll of Santa as she gave departing teachers a gift. She gave me beautiful Waterford crystal of the Opera House!

The party continued the next day at the Revesby Workers Club where we ate and drank in celebration of the year end. More gifts - this time from the staff who gave me an authentic Wallabies jersey!

Romanta, Angela and Anne.

Kathy and Karen.

Angela and Dave.

Damian convinced me to try a Tim Tam Slam!

A wonderful three days of goodbyes from the MSJ staff. I've made many friends there who I intend to keep in contact with. They all want a weather update when I return to Canada in January.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Presentation Day at Picnic Point PS

Tuesday was Presentation Day at Picnic Point PS where students from all years receive awards for things like Academic Achievement, Effort, Citizenship and Most Improved Student. During her school address at the start of the ceremony, Cheryl Harper the acting principal, thanked Charlee and Adam for their involvement at PPPS and wished them well on their return to Canada.

Adam received the award for Excellent Application and Attitude to Work!

Adam and his best mate Ethan (who received the Academic Award) have their photo taken with their teachers Mrs Psomadelis & Mrs Bowen. Mrs. P and Mrs. B split the teaching duties in Adam and Ethan's class. Adam adores them both and was teary eyed at bedtime tonight knowing that he won't see Mrs. P again (she was on Monday and Tuesday this week).

Charlee and Adam will have wonderful memories of Picnic Point PS. The school offers an excellent academic program and an amazing array of activities that both kids have taken part in. Charlee and Adam have made heaps of close friends and will be sorry to say goodbye on Friday.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Adam Brings a Friend Home

Heidi would be happy to miss our visitor on the weekend. Crikey is the class pet in Adam's class. Each weekend a different student has to babysit Crikey and this weekend was Adam's turn. Imagine this thing climbing up your back in the middle of the night!