Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hello Paton Family!!!

Hello Patons!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Nippers here we come!

As you can imagine, the beach is an integral part of life for most Australians. We're still amazed at the variety of beach activities available in Oz. We've been able to witness this beach culture many times but decided it was time to participate with more than just a swim at the beach so we signed Charlee and Adam up for the Nippers program at North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club.
I borrowed the following description of Nippers from http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/articles/surflifesaving/

"There are now over 40,000 junior surf life savers (Nippers) in Australia. Children can join the program from as young as seven years old. The aim of the junior program is to give children surf awareness and surf safety skills so that they can keep themselves safe at the beach.
They can also participate in board paddling, surfing, swimming, running, wading and other fun activities and games. These are the skills that allow children to compete in club, regional and state surf life saving carnivals."

Each Sunday morning from 9 to 11, Charlee and Adam, will join the fun at Cronulla Beach. They can't wait! Some photos of some of the activities!

The Betchers are major 4WD enthusiasts and often talk about their adventures with the Suzuki 4WD club. In two weeks, we're off to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for our next holiday. We're venturing as far north as Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island! We were a bit concerned whether our Honda CRV could handle the sand so, on Chris' suggestion, we tore up the sand dunes at Cronulla on Sunday afternoon. What a riot! Chris has provided us with some valuable information for our trip to the big sand box. We can't wait!!!

Coincidence? I think not! This has Tim Horton's written all over it!

A little sand tobogganing to finish the day off!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bowral to visit the Robs!

We were invited to Bowral on Saturday to visit with Rob and Robin, good friends of the Betchers. Bowral, a very small and picturesque town, is approximately 1 hour west of Picnic Point. Shelley, a long time friend and neighbour, was also on hand for a delicious lunch and fun conversation. Charlee and Adam had a super time with Emily, Brody, Giles, Jess, and Andrew!

After lunch we hopped in the cars and journeyed over to Shelley's for a walk in her beautiful neighbourhood - so nice that the Robs have their eye on an amazing piece of property just behind Shelley's place.

Shelley's house through the trees.

Some local animal friends include ponies and wombats (unfortunately they weren't out and about when we visited their home).

Bowral is much more relaxed compared to Sydney. Rob and Robin lived in Rosebay (which is on the water in Sydney) for many years until moving to Bowral a few months ago. It reminded us of the feeling we get when we leave the GTA and head for the cottage. After a look around, we can see why they moved inland!

We've been invited back for a 'sleepover' after the school holidays and look forward to a true Aussie bush party! Thanks for a wonderful day Rob, Robin and Shelley!