Saturday, February 04, 2006

Is it any wonder the Aussie's do so well in the pool? Charlee and Adam's school held a swimming carnival at the Sydney Olympic pool. The mother of Ian Thorpe (The Thorpedo) teaches at the kids' school and has connections to get the kids into the Olympic pool.

Charlee waiting for her heat. She got to swim in The Thorpedo's lane!

Charlee and Adam relaxing after a hard race!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Smokin' Hot

Was it hot today! I had my first full day of classes at MSJ. It was 36° C outside and 97% humidity! My classroom was 34° - no air conditioning and two lousy ceiling fans. I thought I was being smart when I moved my teacher desk directly under one of the fans until my papers blew all over the room. My shirt was drenched within 5 minutes and I spent the rest of the day dripping in my classroom or drying off in the air conditioned office. One nice girl said “Don’t worry sir, we all get the sweaties!” Even the natives were complaining about the heat. A “southerly” is supposed to come in tonight and cool things off a bit.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Charlee and Adam getting ready for their first day at Picnic Point Public School.

Ethan, Adam, Brittaney, and Charlee at Picnic Point Public School

Monday, January 30, 2006

Curiousity killed the cat!

Beautiful boardwalk next to the Georges River minutes from 'our' home.

Kids had a blast at the East Hills Pub last night

Sydney Aquarium

Spent the day at the Sydney Aquarium. The first few exhibits were OK then wham –, huge fish, coral, anemone, seals, platypus, crocodiles and of course sharks. You actually go in underwater tunnels made of glass so the fish are swimming all around you – amazing sensation. Check it out -

Sydney Aquarium on Darling Harbour

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Entrance to the aquarium

Underwater viewing kept us busy for hours

Adam get down from that railing! (Look for the nose of the croc just above 'Do Not Enter'

Adam did a project on Little (Fairy) Penquins just before leaving Canada

Neat monorail connects the train station to Darling Harbour

Another awesome view from the train

Waiting for the train to East Hills

View from the train station!

Wonderful dinner at Anthony and Bernadette's last night. Round the table L to R is Greg, Sister Barbara (MSJ School Principal), Heidi, Sue, Dave, Anthony, Bernadette and Nancy (Donna Betcher's mom).