Sunday, August 13, 2006

City to Surf 14k Run

Sunday was the annual City to Surf fun run in Sydney. Dave, Heidi, Liz Violin and Jennifer Dinucci decided they could handle the race but were unsure if Phil and Vic could handle keeping an eye on 9 kids while we were gone! The race starts in Hyde Park not too far from the Opera House and ends at Bondi Beach. The 14 k run includes a few hills, none more gruelling than 2 k Heartbreak Hill at the 8 k mark. Heidi quickly lost Dave at the 3 k mark in a sea of 63 000 runners. When we reunited at our meeting place after the race, we were shocked to find our we had the exact same time which meant we must have been within a few metres of each other the whole race but didn't know it!!!

Entertainment thoughout!

The crew enjoying dinner the night before!

The kids had a ball. Eva (L) Ella, Ruby, Charlee and Miai (R)

The tyre swing and fort were a hit all day Sunday!