Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our First Rugby Match

We ventured down to Telstra Stadium at the Olympic Park to watch the Canterbury Bulldogs play the Newcastle Knights of the National Rugby League. 'League' seems to get most of the ink in NSW but Rugby Union (the game played in Canada) gets it's fair share of publicity because it's top players play internationally. The most popular rugby in NSW is the State of Origin matches where the best players from NRL play for their home state in a battle of NSW and Queensland. Teammates in one week in NRL, enemies the next week in State of Origin and teammates again the following week! Thanks to Mr. Hidson (Charlee's teacher at Picnic Point PS) for the tickets!!!

The girls wore their new footwear to the game. Yes, Heidi is wearing fake Uggs out in public! It's cool but not that cold.

Aussie Rules Football

We've been enjoying Adam's Saturday morning AFL games. This week he played near Botany Bay - 20 minutes from Picnic Point near the airport. The hosting team runs a half hour practise followed by a half hour game. The highlight of the morning is the sausage on a roll after the game - Aussies do love their barbies!

Dinner Party

We invited Anthony (Dave's MSJ colleague), Bernadette and Rebecca Saleme for dinner Friday night and thought what's two more so we had Bernadette's sister Liz and boyfriend Darren (a Canadian from Calgary!) over as well. Lots of talk about hockey, rugby and travel. Heidi made an awesome dinner of Spicy Seafood Thai (prawns, salmon and mussels) and we washed it down with a couple bottles of Aussie wine. An enjoyable night to start the weekend.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Can't get enough of Sydney!

The DiNucci's (Phil, Jenny, Mya and Jameson - exchangees from Guelph) came up to Sydney from Bateman's Bay for the weekend to keep Dave company while Heidi was in Canada.

After a quiet night on Friday night, we took the train into the city on Saturday morning. We walked through Hyde Park and headed for Paddy's Market for some souvenir shopping. Afterwards we cruised over to Darling Harbour so the kids could run off some steam at the playground and have some lunch.

Sydney is such a 'walkable' city and easily the nicest and most exciting city centre I've visited. Loads to do and see while constantly surrounded by water. Hopefully TO will get it right when they design their waterfront!

Heely's for Charlee

Sunday morning was a bit more casual. We walked along the boardwalk at Lambeth Park (2 minute walk from the house) and as usual played in the park. Soon after lunch the DiNucci's headed back south. It was good to hangout with some Canadians and talk about travel plans for the July two week holiday - both families are planning on the Great Barrier Reef! Can't wait.