Saturday, November 04, 2006

Powerhouse Museum

The weather on Saturday was bleak so we took Oma to the Powerhouse Museum near Darling Harbour.

But not before meat pies for lunch - truly Australian! Dave had a curry meat pie with mashed potatoes & mashed peas swimming in gravy. A whole meal in the palm of your hand!

Lots of interactive things to do.

The key exhibition at the museum is The Great Wall of China. Amazing photos and artifacts.


Not only is Halloween not really celebrated in Australia but many adults scoff at the idea and dismiss it as an American tradition - and they usually say the word American with distain. That didn't mean the kids would miss out though. Since trick or treating is not popular here, the kids thought it would be a great idea to host a party for their friends. We setup all week - a haunted house in the shed, cobwebs around the house, scary music, witch's brew, and of course heaps of lollies. Thanks to Oma (who arrived Halloween morning) and Romanta (maths head at MSJ) for the finishing touches on the decorations.
Clare, Brittany, Sophie, Alyssa and Charlee were as loud as, well, 5 nine year old girls at a Halloween party!

Adam, Ethan, Harry and Alex did their best to annoy the girls eventually being banished to the tree fort.

Even the moms enjoyed themselves (and Heidi's wine). Carol, Marina and Mara raise a glass or two.

As I was writing this some MSJ students knocked on our door and surprised us with a heartwarming "Trick or Treat". Since they weren't allowed out on Tuesday night (they claim they were too busy doing maths homework!), they decided to do it tonight - four days late but rewarding nontheless!

Liverpool Saints Hockey Awards Night

Last Saturday was awards night for the Liverpool Saints "ice" hockey teams. Charlee and Adam practised with the PeeWee team as development players while I played on the senior B squad. For the kids Monday night practises, I would often coach the younger development kids at one end while Coach Mick would have the PeeWee team at the other end.
The awards night was quite impressive - full sitdown dinner, door prizes, raffles, trophies for every player, and major club awards. Not to shabby for a hockey club that's only two years old!

Adam spent most of the night running around with fellow Canadian Wade. He's here with his mom Melanie, dad Chris and brother Jack on a firefighters exchange from Ottawa!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Random Photos around Sydney

Pajama Day at Picnic Point PS