Friday, March 24, 2006

CentrePoint Tower

Charlee, Adam and Dave decided at the last minute to head into the City last night. While Heidi and Oma checked out Darling Harbour, Dave and the kids checked out CentrePoint Tower (309 m) – Sydney’s version of the CN Tower (553 m). TO may have them in the height department but Sydney’s view is amazing – even at night time. The first picture shows the tower (just in case you thought the pic was taken from the Tower :) After the elevator ride to the top and back down, we enjoyed Oztrek, a motion simulation ride that takes you all over Australia. It gave us a super preview of many things we want to see this year. Both kids fell asleep on the ride home - I was barely able to wake them in time to get off the train!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Barbie at the Grace's!

We had three families over for a barbie last night - Natalie & Andrew with kids Ethan and Brittany, Dave & Julie with kids Ashley and Kiren, Donna & Pete with kids Paul, Luke and Jacob. All the kids go to Picnic Point PS with Charlee and Adam. Lots of fun and laughs. We even broke into the Crown Royal for a night cap!

Cool dude!

Charlee and Adam had a ball at the skateboard park while Heidi taught an aerobics class in Menai. Adam spent most of his time on his Heely’s which the locals found quite amusing. Later he rode the park on his bike and was very good – a lot more nerve than his father!. Charlee mostly watched and posed for pictures!

A night out!

Stephanie from MSJ watched Charlee and Adam while Dave and Heidi headed to the city centre for a night out. We hopped off the train at St. James and walked through Hyde Park - gorgeous park in the heart of the city. After admiring the numerous bats in the park we walked through the Queen Victoria building - a variety of expensive shops (luckily they were closed as Heidi had her eye on a few items). We then cruised over to Darling Harbour and meandered through The Harbourside Shops and Restaurants before settling down for a pint of Guinness to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Sydney is a totally different city at night - very lively but relaxed and no kids! After a quick Schooner at James Squire Brew Pub (Dave's favourite Aussie beer so far) we headed back on the slow train to Picnic Point. We had a fun night out and plan to do it again soon!