Friday, September 15, 2006

Cousin Nancy arrives!

We met Dave's cousin Nancy from Atlanta in Sydney on Thursday night for dinner and beers. Nancy lived in Australia in 2000/01 when the Olympics were on. She worked as a nurse at a Sydney hospital and enjoyed the experience so much she's back for another nursing stint - this time in Brsbane. We had a great night catching up on the Grace and Thompson clans and will get together again in a few weeks when we travel north on our next holiday. Can't wait!

Nancy sure knows how to make friends!

Enjoying a glass of wine at Darling Harbour.

Wendy and Porch's last night in Australia!

Just think - tomorrow you get to sit on a plane for 22 hours too!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wet Watson's Bay!

Lighthouses are a necessity on the Sydney coast!

Mmmm! Doyle's fish and chips under the gazebo at Robertson Park.

Camp Cove was the spot where the First Fleet landed in Sydney Harbour.

We also got a peak at "Lady Jane" beach - Sydney's nude beach! Believe it or not there was one exhibitionist on the beach in the pouring rain with temperatures hovering around 14°C! Anytime someone would walk by he would stand up and walk towards the audience! Charlee thought it was hilarious.

Charlee and Adam check out an old cannon installation.

Look out Sydney - Adam's about to fire!

The Hornby Lighthouse at South Head.

Wendy and Porch seem to have a rain cloud following them around. We even thought we saw snow at one point but it turned out to be hail!