Friday, March 03, 2006

Mount Saint Joseph pics

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I finally remembered to bring my camera to school! The top-left pic is my Year 8 Maths class hard at work (the uniforms are a bit different than in Canada!). The top-right pic is a volleyball tournament MSJ hosted (notice the walls are missing?). The bottom-left pic is me with the Year 8 students on sports day (every second Thursday morning I get to play sports rather than teach - not too shabby!). The bottom-right photo is the main quad where Year 7 to 11 students have recess and lunch (all schools here have large canopies to keep the sun off the students).

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Heidi's BodySTEP and BodyPUMP workshop!

Check it out! Heidi attended the Les Mills workshops at the Sydney Olympic Super Dome! For all my fitness instructor friends... do you recognize the "mates" in the BodyPUMP photo? Pete, Jo and Tommy were the Master Trainers.

What an awesome day in the Blue Mountains!

After an early hockey practice, we headed to the Blue Mountains which are about an hour and a half to the northwest. We took a cable car (Skyway) across a huge gorge and started our journey to the Three Sisters . We continued on for a good 2 hours walking down the 800 steps of the Giant’s Staircase and hiking to the bottom of the gorge where we checked out some mines before taking the world’s steepest railway back to our starting point! The day ended with a bit of shopping - can you tell which picture gives it away?

Nice night at the Sydney Olympic Park

The Olympic Park has been hosting free outdoor concerts for the last four Friday nights. The Grace family and Heidi’s mom, Helga, saw the Sydney Symphony Orchestra perform on a beautiful night under the stars. People bring lawn chairs, blankets and coolers full of snacks, beer and wine (why can’t we do this in Canada?).

OK, how many of you really thought Dave could handle a Symphony Orchestra all night?! Adam and Dave ventured out at intermission to check out the Olympic grounds. Just outside Telstra Stadium (the main stadium from 2000) were these cool pillars. Most were engraved with names of Aussies who have participated in Olympic competition. Others had small video screens showing the building of the site, the lighting of the torch, or the opening ceremonies. One pillar had the actual Sydney Olympic torch in it!

Mount Saint Joseph Swimming Carnival

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MSJ held its annual swimming carnival today. Unbelievable school spirit - students belong to one of six houses (think Harry Potter) and compete against each other in competitive or participation races to earn points.
I was only able to spent the first hour at the carnival before heading off to an Exchange Teacher conference in the City (some of the MSJ veteran teachers who had to listen to the racquet all day where a little envious!).
Anthony Saleme (house coordinator) leads the Tenison girls in fight songs. Go Frogs Go!