Monday, November 20, 2006

Back to Bowral

We went back to visit Rob, Robin and Shelley in Bowral on the weekend. We gathered at Shelley's place mostly so we could let the kids roam free on their beautiful property. The boys trapped some Yabbies (fresh water crayfish) while the girls made a teepee.

Shelley's hubby Dan was unfortunately flying again (Qantas pilot) so we'ver yet to meet him. I was surprised to find out that he's actually Canadian! Born in Edmonton. I like him before I've even met him. Left - Heidi and Shelley. Right - Rob and Robin.

Left - Mark and Rob. Right - Margaret and Sophia.

Mark and Sophia relocated to Bowral three years ago and opened a kitchenware store in the quant downtown shopping district. I told Mark I'd plug his website. Need any kitchen gadgets? Go to - they ship anywhere in the world!

Heidi enjoying homemade gourmet pizza. Dave hanging with one of Shelley's three Labs.

Daffy, the youngest of the Labs.

The adults sipped wine and homemade beer while relaxing by the open fireplace in the backyard pergola. The kids watched Monster House on the big screen telly. Another wonderful visit to Borwal. Great food & drink, lots of laughs and good company. Thanks for the invite Rob and Robin and thanks for hosting Shelley. (We want your house!)

Bradman is to Bowral what Gretzky is to Brantford.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Harry Time

Since Charlee was at a friends for a sleepover, Adam decided he was entitled to invite a friend over for a sleepover. Harry, his parents, Dave and Leanne and siblings, Rupert and Ebony, came over for dinner. Heidi made the adults an awesome Thai dinner. The boys watched 'boy' movies while Ebony watched 'girl' movies in Charlee's room.

French toast for brekkie!

Maths Mania

The maths department from MSJ dropped by for some drinks after school on Friday. No, we didn't talk about second derivatives and Pythagoras' Theorem but we did have a quite a few laughs. Front row (L to R) Karen, Stuart, Damien, Kathy, Romanta, Anne D. Back row (L to R) Anne T., Dave, Angela. Monica, Chris and Penny couldn't make it so you can guess who we were making fun of!

Damien demonstrating an Aussie Classic - The Tim Tam Slam!

Charlee's a Busy Girl

Friday morning concert performance.

Friday afternoon t-ball!