Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sydney again!

We went into Sydney to pickup Heidi’s electronic tracking device for the Sydney Half Marathon tomorrow morning. We decided to check out one of Sydney’s many museums – The Australian Museum, a quant collection of skeletons, birds, rocks and aboriginal art/history. We all enjoyed the skeletons, the kids liked the hundreds of birds and insects on display and Heidi and Dave liked finding out about the poor treatment of the Aboriginal in the 1900s.
Relaxing on the train - the station in East Hills is only 3 minutes away!

St. Mary's Cathedral near to Hyde Park

Neat mode of transport


Dinosaur with pearls!?

Domestic bliss!

Charlee and friend

Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park

Dinner at the Panania Hotel near Picnic Point - good chow and drinks!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Open Day at Picnic Point PS

PPPS held it's annual open day to allow parents to visit their children at school and see what they do all day long. We were impressed with Charlee and Adam's teachers and the program they offer. Charlee's teacher, Mr. Hidson, has his year 4/5 students working on a Gold Rush project where the students pretend they're back in 1855 and search for gold. They can convert their gold into cash but have to watch out of thieves! Adam's teachers, Mrs. Psomadelis and Mrs. Bowen, believe grade 2 students shouldn't have much homework as they work so hard in class. This obviously suites Adam just fine. They've been busy learning about the sun lately.

Adam prepares for his steel drum concert.

Adam works on this Literacy Space booklet. He drew a Canadarm on his rocket!

Charlee and Alyssa n'sync with the concert band.

Guest conductor helps the concert band perform for the parents.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

The kids sure were happy to have Heidi home on Mother's Day. She was in TO for a week of training at Air Canada. We spent the day at Mirambeena Regional Park just a short 10 minute drive north of Picnic Point. We had a picnic, played some touch footy, went for a bike ride and watched the kids play in the park. A very nice family day!

Adam gets a kick out of AFL!

Great slide!

Can't just do it the normal way!

Sydney Regional Park

I took Charlee and Adam to the Sydney Regional Park on the Western outskirts of Sydney on Saturday. Great bike paths but Charlee complained there were too many hills. This was the site of the Equestrian Centre used for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
If you look closely you can see Adam at the top of the hill!