Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Adam - 7 going on 17!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Trivia Night

Picnic Point PS held its annual trivia night at Hero's Hill RSL on Saturday night. 180 people turned out for the fundraiser with the Grace's coming home with a load of prizes. We won two door prizes and a "Who Am I?" prize (answer Chevy Chase) in addition to our table winning the whole trivia night! Natalie, Andrew, Pam and Peter provided most of the brain power while Heidi and Sue were more content talking and Dave and Greg were curious to see if the current beer was as tasty as the previous beer - we're still undecided!).

Captain Dave collects the loot!

Olympic Park

After being bored to tears at an outlet mall, we went for a bike ride at the Olympic Park. We spiraled up a big hill to get an elevated view of the Olympic grounds.

You can see Telstra Stadium in the background - where the opening ceremonies took place.

Adam loved the shipwreck!

Boardwalk through Mangrove forest.

Luna Park

The maths department at MSJ decided a social outing was in order and we spent Friday night at Luna Park (opened in 1935!). Each time we visit the city the kids see Luna park tucked under the Harbour Bridge and ask when they can go to the amusement park. Friday night was finally the night and the kids loved it.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Good Haul

Heidi arrived back safe and sound in Picnic Point. She even brought birthday presents!!! INXS CD, INXS tickets for September, Cote D'or chocolate and a new pair of hockey socks! What more could a bloke want?