Sunday, July 30, 2006

Watson's Bay and the Gap

We had such a great day yesterday we decided to check out another area of Sydney we hadn't yet discovered - Watson's Bay.

As you can see in the map it's the south head of the entrance to Sydney's harbour. "Watsons Bay is where Governor Phillip first landed in Australia. It's also recognised as Australia's oldest fishing village, having been established in 1788."

Our initial view from Watson's Bay solidified our belief that there is no city more naturally beautiful than Sydney in the world!

The Harbour Bridge pops up from most vantage points in Sydney.

The Gap, which is the span of water that separates Sydney Harbour from the Tasman Sea, is the resting place of the Dunbar - a ship that sank here in 1857 - Australia's worst maritime disaster. The Doyle family has been selling fish on Watson's Bay since 1885. We ate amazing fish while relaxing in Roberston's Park and staring at Sydney centre in the distance.

The sight of the Spirit of Tasmania was enough to send shivers down Heidi's back. She doesn't have fond memories of that trip and it all started just past the Gap! Adam on the other hand had no problem hamming it up for the camera!

What an incredible view!