Monday, November 13, 2006

Sculpture by the Sea - Tamarama to Bondi

The Hunter Valley was nice but not the most kid-friendly of places so we decided to leave early on Sunday morning and head back to Sydney for a swim at Bronte Beach and a walk to Tamarama Beach where the Sculpture by the Sea exhibits start. Heidi had seen the sculptures earlier in the week with her mom but enjoyed it just as much the second time.

The dunny was Dave's favourite - an outhouse complete with solar panel, antennae and satellite dish. The pod on the right was a crowd pleaser.

Charlee played some tennis while Adam was wishing the ice cream truck hadn't melted!

Another nice day at the beach!

The Hunter Valley Wine Region

By the smiles on their faces, you'd think Heidi and Jen hadn't had a sip of wine in months. Our first stop was at Tyrrell's Vineyard where we had a tour of their wine making process while the kids played in the original shed from decades ago.

Next stop - Blue Tongue brewery to keep Dave happy. Phil and Adam agreed that five of the six on the paddle were awesome. The one left behind was made with ginger.

Next stop Lindemans Vineyard where Jen bought herself a wine bottled in 1967. She plans on opening it on her 40th in January!

A Night at the Bowls!

Nick invited us out on Friday for a night of lawn bowling. The club is a short walk up the street from our house. Nick 'the pro' showed me the ropes while the kids played tips (tag) and tipped a few back!

Oma goes to the Gong

Helga completed the fundraiser ride from Sydney to Wollongong last weekend - 90 km in total!