Sunday, March 05, 2006

Port Macquarie

What a weekend! We set out early Saturday morning for 'Port' to attend our first Exchange Teachers' League function. The drive ended up being quite long due to ever changing speed limits and construction. Our first stop in Port was at the Alma Doepel - a three masted schooner with over a hundred years of sailing.

We then contacted our hosts for the weekend Dawn and Mark who quickly made their way over to give us a quick tour of Port Macquarie. What amazing ocean views! Off to the Koala hospital to visit the Koalas who’ve been hit by a car or attacked by a dog. We then took the ferry across the river to our hosts’ house for a quick drink on the beach as we watched the waves crash in.

Next on the agenda was the Old Butter Factory for an Aussie bush party. Lots of fun dancing and drinking with live music and Aussie trivia throughout the night.

Dawn piled us in the car Sunday morning for a quick jaunt down near the ferry get our first glance of Kangaroos (Wallabies actually). Charlee and Adam were beside themselves.

After a hearty breakfast at Dawn’s place, we bid farewell and headed to the Billabong Koala and Aussie Wildlife Park. A super zoo – small, friendly, educational and NOT crowded! This was the highlight of the trip for Charlee and Adam.

We arrived home late Sunday night but it was well worth it. We’re planning on returning to visit Dawn and Mark in the near future. Dawn has promised me some surfing lessons!

60 means 60!

Ouch! We received this in the mail last week. A speeding ticket for going 70 km/h in a 60 zone! NSW is in love with the speed cameras. The authorities are nice enough to warn you in advance by placing a sign indicating a speed camera is ahead and they even place a street light directly above the camera. What they don't tell you is 60 means 60. We couldn't figure out why everyone drove so slowly on the main streets and highways - now we know. Keeping your eye on the speedometer can be tough especially when you're placing all your concentration on staying on the left side of the road! By the way, Heidi is the registrant - Dave was the speeder!