Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Goodbye Barbie!

We wanted to say thank you to Donna Betcher for the wonderful year in her home by inviting her to dinner. One thing led to another and next thing you know we had 17 people over for a barbie! The Salemes and the Weeks joined Donna, Alex and Donna's mom Nancy for a relaxing evening.

Beth Weeks is a cutie!

Anne Weeks made a Lamington cake for Donna's birthday and a Canadian cake for Charlee's birthday! (Oh ya and a sticky date cake for me! Yum!)

Alex Betcher had no problem making himself at home - wait a second, he is at home! Joined by Kevin Weeks and Adam.

Bernadette Saleme, Nancy Uren, Heidi, Donna Betcher and Anne Weeks gabbed all night long.

We've made some wonderful friends in Australia and the Weeks and Salemes are no exceptions. From talking to other exchange teachers, I think we were lucky to get to know the Betchers as well as we did. Communication was the key and the exchange was a perfect match!


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