Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Part 5 - Fox Glaciers

We were convinced to change our plans to include the west coast of New Zealand by a retired Air New Zealand pilot who caught Heidi's ear during Christmas Eve mass. We left fiordland and drove for 7 hours before arriving at Fox Glacier. The next day we joined our guide and headed towards the glacier. We had to hike, climb and jump about 1.5 km through mountain forests to get to the face of the glacier.

Adam is easy to spot in the photos - he's the only one in orange and right behind the guide, Andy. Charlee is usually not too far off.

Adam of course had to be the first of our group to step onto the Glacier. We kept telling him to give Andy some space or he'd get 'picked' in the head!

Time to head back to the bus.

Well worth the long drive and glad we took advice from a local!


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