Thursday, December 08, 2005

Aussie Adventure begins next month!
Hard to believe that we leave next month for our adventure down under! So many last minute things to take care of...
Heidi is trying to get a leave of absence from Air Canada (she'll find out next week about a 4 month leave)
Chose a school for Char and Adam - Picnic Point or Panania.
Sell our cars.
Register with OHIP.
Get additional health care coverage.
Get international drivers license.
Loads of paperwork at Halton Catholic.
Aussie visa just arrived but now Heidi has to send her passport in.
Visit with as many family and friends as possible before the big day.
Pack - I almost forgot!
We have been in constant contact with the Betchers (our exchange partners) who seem to be awesome people. Communication is making it much easier to prepare. We all seem to be very accommodating to each others concerns. We'll get to know them better when they arrive on Jan. 17. Charlee can't wait to meet Kate and Adam wants to show Alex his (their) bedroom.
Christmas will fly by and then we'll be doing some heavy duty packing!